We expect our fourteenth litter at the end of 2021!!


Marinella's Live For The... Applause "Momoa"
HD A, OFA Good, Elbows Normal,
OptiGen prcd-PRA & EOPRA & GM-1 & IC Normal/Clear,
JDCM 1-1 (probable normal),
MOS Carrier, Eyes Clear

Casa Hoya's Gonna Love Ya "Djuni"
HD A, OptiGen prcd-PRA & EOPRA & GM-1
Normal/Clear, IC carrier,
JDCM 1-2 (probable carrier),
MOS Normal/Clear, Eyes Clear

We are super excited that our long awaited plan starts to become reality.
We are so happy all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place health wise so we could pair these two dogs.
Momoa and Djuni had a date a bit earlier then we anticipated and the ultrasound confirmed that we can welcome their puppies at the end of 2021! We are really looking forward to see what this combination will bring us.

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puppy pedigree: