July 25, 2020 - workshop treiball

Workshop treiball by Brenda vd Zwet - Dogstale

Cruise, Yolo, Djuni, Gigi and several other dogs had a great time despite the rain and worked hard :-)

July 21, 2020 - workshops

Great fun a year ago today!
Workshops by Yvon 17 PWDs and a PP had a wonderful time lots of laughs and good food!
The photos speak for themselves :-)

July 09, 2020 - So proud!

Still one of the best moments of my life and a beautiful photos of Yolo taken a year ago...

Casa Hoya's Addicted To You "Yolo"

photos by Hannie Warendorf

July 07, 2020 - BEST IN SHOW!

Such an amazing memory from a year ago......

Casa Hoya's Addicted To You "Yolo"


Limburgia Hondenshow Echt 2019
(1260 dogs entered)

14 months old just can't believe it!! BIS win #4 for our PWDs and he's my 2nd homebred BIS winner (both from juniorclass!!)

Huge Thank you judge Mr deCuyper (BE) for this amazing honor!

So blessed to have such wonderful people around me that give ongoing support and make it possible that I do what I love

#ProPlan #teampanagenics #kynoweb

photos by Kynoweb

July 06, 2020 - Awesome day!

Today one year ago
Awesome day for the boys!

Casa Hoya's Addicted To You "Yolo"
Best of Breed today at the Limburgia Hondenshow Echt and later on

BEST IN GROUP we're over the moon!

breed & group judge Mrs Pillement-Heijden (NL)

photos by Kynoweb

Super proud of Dennis & Bliss as well who completed another Dogsurvival together!

July 03, 2020 - puppy Justino '19

Hard to believe that a year has passed already!
Amazing photoshoot of A'Acqua di Gio van de Duca Vallei "Justino"

Pictured here with his father Cosmos Got Me LoveStoned "JT"
and half-brother Casa Hoya's Addicted To You "Yolo"

photos by Lisanne Bakker

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